Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Crab Heaven!

Check out this sargassum strewn rock the next time you head down to Labrador beach. The crevices harbour at least 3 species of crabs, of varying sizes and colours. Spent the better part of 2 hours perched on a slippery rock trying to keep as still as possible waiting for them to venture out of their holes. Unfortunately, my adventures this morning included falling unceremoniously off a slippery rock into a tide pool and scaring away all the fishes, crabs and prawns. :( But in the process, I found a well-camouflaged hermit crab which moved a little thus allowing me to spot it, so it wasn't all bad. :)

A bunch of patriotic crabs...?

1 comment:

  1. i apolligise to all those crabs that i have killed, i didnt mean to play hockey/golf wid you. it was jus a spare of the moment thing.
    once again i am truly sorry crabiies
    peace out crabs.